Stuart Docherty | Typografia: imagen absoluta Exhibition, MUVIM Valencia
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Typografia: imagen absoluta Exhibition, MUVIM Valencia

From the 27th of June to the 30th of September the MuVIM is showing a small but interesting range of typographic designs. This is rather interesting as type design doesn’t usually get a look in these days in galleries, unless it is an exotic arabic or japanese script.

I took in the small presentation in around ten minutes and carried on about my Saturday afternoon. You can see pretty much the whole exhibition within the image gallery below. The show brochure makes a point of stating that the designs to attempt break beyond that of merely letters to involve an emotive aesthetic but not for me – as this is pretty tame stuff.

What was interesting though, was a laminated sign which was the very next piece of type outside of the exhibition on a set of lifts, and it was in Comic Sans. This was odd as the MuVIM generally uses Helvetica for its core signage – so this was just odd or a joke being played on graphic designers such as myself. Examples of these can also be found at the end of the image gallery.

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