Stuart Docherty | WordPress "Parker" Update for Version 3.8
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WordPress "Parker" Update for Version 3.8

WordPress "Parker" Update for Version 3.8

WordPress has released “Parker” an interesting update for Version 3.8. This update is a welcomed entry into the responsive web. The update sees an interface overhaul with cleaner typography and colour scheme with further options for personalisation. This ties right into Apple’s resurgence of colour in its mobile phones and an injection of fun for WordPress users.

The contrasting colours bring the everyday interface to life but the responsive changes to the underlying layout now makes the interface work better on tablets and mobiles. This is a great improvement which could make the WordPress app a little redundant.

WordPress has also underlined its ongoing support of the blog world by adding a magazine theme called “twenty fourteen”. This is a great option for those installing WordPress and who want something different and suitable across mobile devices.

So overall the new version 3.8 is a welcomed update, and will only add further power to this popular blogging and website platform.

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