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I’m Stuart Docherty and I’m a designer. I’m passionate about helping people and organisations who have something to say – be heard. I achieve this by applying: design, communication, marketing and commerce principles to media.
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A clear, congruent identity which makes an impact within your target market is important for a company, product or service. Employ me to conceptualise then design your identity so you present a professional image to your clients while setting yourself apart from the competition.

Effective and clear delivery of your information or key messages is essential in today’s marketplace. Present your content in the best way possible using professional graphic design. Use engaging print, web, digital & social media design to help you communicate to your audience.

Increase the awareness of your company and its products and services in the minds of your target customers. Craft and implement a multi-channel marketing strategy that captures and makes use of key data so you adapt to achieve your goals and stay ahead of the game.

Focus design, communication and marketing assets to move the needle of your top line. Apply your assets to convert your audience into prospects and prospects into customers with commerce focused services. Use Ecommerce so your business never ceases to serve its key markets.

Book my time and expertise to consult with you or your organisation to solve a problem or create a strategy to achieve an objective. Design thinking underpinned with resources and experience is a powerful tool when faced with a wicked problem that has defeated previous ideas.

Several of the services require or can benefit from support solutions and third party services. These have been identified, researched, solutions identified and reviewed ahead of time so as to remove any potential headaches or delays. Enjoy beginning with the end in mind.

Event Stand Design Items for BioGelx
BioGelx Event Stand Design
Greengage Brochure Design
Greengage Brochure Design
Active Needle Website
Active Needle Website Design
Precidar Info Sheet
Precidar Info Sheet Design

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