Mar 13
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10 Reasons to Work with a Multi-Disciplined and Experienced Designer

This article sets out the stall for using a multi-disciplined and experienced designer rather than a specialist designer. There are many branding gurus or SEO experts out there but the reason why designers can often become multi-disciplined is due to a combination of software evolution and clients expecting more for less – plus we just love design in all its forms. An example of this can be seen with printers who’s typesetting role has been completed taken over by graphic designers. And how often are these same graphic designers asked “Do you do websites too?” This modern day reality has largely arisen from print and website software being bundled together, clients asking for more and designers wanting to help their clients.

1. Multi-disciplined designers often benefit a client project as design and marketing ideas should aim to work across print, web, digital and beyond. We are at home when working across media and sometimes even enjoy the more analytical marketing aspects of the creative industry.

2. We’re flexible in nature and can adapt quickly or hit the ground running should a project change or expand in scope from the initial brief.

3. You get more for your money, as we can often help you with ideas or future aspects beyond the current project. As if told early on, we can begin with this in mind so your project doesn’t hit a wall 2 years down the road.

4. Our diverse knowledge often has a core surrounded by other areas of expertise – however even we have limits. That said we can typically provide a rich network of more specialist contacts that can be of benefit to our clients. Furthermore a designer isn’t going to damage their client relationship by recommending a poor contact or third party businesses for their client.

5. Being multi-disciplined offers a huge problem solving advantage. This is highly beneficial should a project have large or a complicated set of goals. We can really add value by being able to “hold all the balloons” at one time to help the client move forward effectively. A specialist designer could well find themselves stumped.

6. We have a better appreciation of the time and cost of each part of the project. This more often than not relates to working with external photographers, artworkers or printers. All of which leads to a more enjoyable creative experience for the client. In fact many designers skill sets overlap these creative areas, so you can enjoy a more seamless design experience.

7. As we’re not dedicated to a single sector we can bring a greater number and diverse range of creative options to the table than a specialist creative.

8. From our experience of previous design projects and from talking to fellow designers, about all manner of things, we can often help you avoid pitfalls that a specialist creative may not even know exist.

9. We are genuine creatives and can pull back from your brief to understand and propose a possible alternate route to solving your core problem. This confidence and ability comes from being able to see more aspects of what’s possible within the various design disciplines.

10. Some designers such as myself are even multi-disciplined across sectors. I have previous experience of working in the scientific industry and this really helps me approach projects with a better method of execution or if there’s an analytical aspect such as using Google Analytics to make suggestions on how to test or improve a website.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the several benefits of working with a multi-disciplined and experienced designer. And if I’ve persuaded you to the benefits of using a multi-disciplined designer – then please do get in touch.

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