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I have been delivering excellent print items, websites and digital design campaigns since 2008. I’m a designer from Scotland with a passion for creative ideas and their useful application. I began working within the design sector in 2008 offering my: style, ideas and creative solutions as a service to clients.

I have worked with different clients from scientific, technological, healthcare, property, retail and security sectors. My multi-disciplinary approach helps me to deliver more engaging and functional design to my clients across print, web and digital. This flexibility across the disciplines is increasingly important in a digital age. I’m constantly learning and enjoy working with my clients, making them part of the process.

My design platform makes use of Adobe Creative Cloud running on Apple machines, which enables me to deliver print, website and digital design. I make great use of WordPress and other online tools to enable my clients to make the best of web, marketing and productivity systems. I incorporate tried and tested third-party services, allowing me to work with printers, courier services, and finishing companies with confidence and speed.

Stuart Docherty

Stuart Docherty

Multi-disciplined creative designer with over 11 years of experience, qualified in visual communications by Glasgow City College, who can confidently deliver a range of design and marketing services.


I’ll listen to your problem(s) and or objectives, ask questions and conduct research to understand and generate creative ideas. This time spent will help solve your core problem while at the same time discover useful insights, which add further value for design opportunities.


Principles and philosophies are important to me, as they help support and guide my design approach and processes. Over time I’ve acquired different design skills and services, so I can offer the right idea, and get the idea right for clients, which results in better solutions.


This website is an open invitation to those who wish to work with a true creative. For those who enjoy new ideas and appreciate craftsmanship which makes them a physical reality. This winning combination can be applied to your problem helping you to achieve your goals.

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