Design + Health Exposition, MuVIM in Valencia

I took myself to see the “Design + Health” exposition, open from the 11th of November to 19th of March 2023 at the MuVIM in Valencia. As a designer with an scientific background and a creative focus on the health sciences I had to make the time to see this; plus I enjoy this gallery and the city of Valencia a lot so this was a most welcome trip. Also 2022 sees Valencia as the world capital for design so there is a lot going on in the city, with Madrid and Barcelona also involved.

I wanted to learn how Ramón Úbeda would curate, interpret and present the designs relating to health and the perspectives he would choose to communicate and how. As health, biotech, apps, wearables and public participation, especially after COVID-19, are all making headlines and filling company spaces and labs across the world – I had to pay this exposition a visit.

The works were downstairs in the largest area the MuVIM has so the exposition was extensive and was composed of cubicles much like a hospital ward within which the visitor attends each of the subjects, like a doctor doing their rounds. Within each cubicle there was a clear topic that was explored visually using text, image, some videos and even physical examples of the items. There was a core theme of blue with the whole exposition having a brand design from the outset that made good use of bespoke icons.

I found the exposition rather vast and diverse with many items displaying how inventors and the medical sector are being creative to solve problems, make people’s lives little easier and aid health while preventing disease. A list of the different sections is below, as is a link to related articles, and the MuVIM site.

The exposition had individual sections displaying the following topics:
Medicine and hygiene patents.
Designers in combat.
Prevention is better than cure.
Covid-19 pandemic.
The hospital of the future.
Arriving on time.
First aid.
Social, inclusive and universal.
Children and adults.
Seeing, hearing and speaking.
Medical design.
Pills and other medicines.
Wearable fashion.
Ergonomics and design.
Being in shape.
Pleasure and procreation.
Implants and prostheses.
A perfect denture.
Question of life or death.
Telemedicine, Biotechnology and Neuroscience.
Healthy spaces.



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