May 12

Design Exhibition at Placioquintanar in Segovia

During a recent trip to Spain (April 2011) I was in Segovia (30 mins north of Madrid) with my girlfriend who is originally from the city.

We were there to visit her family and to a attend a wedding. These were two planned events but what wasn’t planned while walking around the old, city largely known for its ancient aqueduct, was a new and Segovia’s first centre for design.

The centre was recently established to create the seeds of creative industries within the disciplines of: graphic design, industrial design, interior design, architecture and photography. Keen design minds may suspect an absence of more technological design disciplines however these are being implemented in a separate technology center, which is currently being built, see the link below for more on this centre but as mentioned you have no need to rush. These impressive efforts and more are part of an overall plan by the Castilla and Leon regional government to win the “Capital of Culture” for Segovia in 2016.

The design centre is a renovated building where my girlfriend had previously taken piano lessons and she found it interesting to see it being used for its new purpose and recognised the tree in the outdoor quad. You can see Sara in some of the images below as this will now take the form of a photo blog so please enjoy the comprehensive images.

But it should be quickly mentioned that we are seeing the centre after it had just hosted an event which invited many international design publications. And these make up most of the design shown, which I find rather odd. As I would have liked to have seen a balance of international designers and local Segovian designers from all of the disciplines. Also I failed to see a design studio or any designers – maybe my desire is a little premature but it seems Segovia wants to stand up and be recognised.

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