Science Communication

Effective communication, visualisation and commercialisation of the sciences.
Science Communication

Speak to a designer like you would like a scientific colleague, but who can help you communicate your research to a wider audience using modern media and effective strategies. My science background and my creative focus are joined by the concept of ideas and I can work with your ideas and hone them into quality visual communication assets.

I can relay your research by providing you with research posters, clean and clear slide decks, tabulated data, visualisations, infographics, journal quality illustrations and a range of digital assets for modern media.

If you are considering starting a spin-out company, then speaking to a designer soon as possible is a useful tip as they can help you avoid many pitfalls and speed up the process of getting to market and getting there better which can make management and shareholders happy.

  • Visualisations (2D / 3D)
  • Infographics
  • Data Presentation
  • Descriptive Graphics
  • Scientific Communication
  • Research Poster Design
  • Spin-out Support
  • Exhibition Design
  • Content Creation
  • Creative Consultation
Public Engagement

I can help you with ideas, in how to best present your institution and research to the wider public. I can craft all desired materials you may require to deliver a public engagement plan. My scientific experience aids with public engagement, by helping me thread the needle and deliver your public engagement solutions.

Data Visualisation

I am able to handle scientific information and data which helps me to best visualise your research via all manner of visual means. I can layout data in tables. I can craft data visualisations using 2D illustrations and infographics to journal quality.

Research Commercialisation

Get your product or service as part of a spin-out off to a great start with branding, communication, website and exhibition design. These creative services will get you established and grow in the marketplace helping the organisation to best show, tell and sell to your target customers.

Science Communication Projects


Event items for BioGelx.
C&M Scientific

C&M Scientific

Design for Laboratory Engineering.


Support for Science Education.
Active Needle

Active Needle

Website for Better Injections.
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