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DMS Workshop


Review your design assets and plan for what is needed by taking stock of what is required to relay the identity, branding and messaging of your organisation to your target market or audience. Review your designs for a solid platform for your marketing. Have strong assets ready; plus know that new assets are coming and when.


Put design assets to their best use by reviewing and implementing top down marketing objectives and processes. Understand and maximise the internal and external marketing of your organisation by establishing key objectives, publishing schedules, events calendars and more. Analyse your key demographics to then shape your messaging to target and engage them.


Bring your design and marketing together then add sales objectives to blow the roof off your expected turnover. Fire on all cylinders with a clear focus on what matters to your prospect base and how your company serves them and why they should choose you. Engage with confidence and close with speed by using your shaped DMS manual to empower teams across your company.


A one-to-one or small group with creative, communication or sales staff is preferred as we’ll go through the DMS manual template page by page to review, implement and even create new assets, plans or processes your business needs and didn’t know it. I’ll be there every step of the way providing my expertise in a consultatory “ask me anything” manner. At the end of the process you’ll have a better understanding of your business assets, communication processes, organisational objectives and market demographics contained within a solid document that can become the single point of control for these key aspects.

DMS Workshop

£999Per Person
    • Full Day of Personal Consultation
    • Printed & Digital Manual Template
    • Understand Who & What You Are
    • Set Key Company Objectives
    • Establish Company Roadmaps
    • Lockdown your Branding Assets
    • Analyse your Competitors
    • Conduct SWOT Analyses
    • Identify Customer Demographics
    • Consolidate Prospect Intelligence
    • Establish Objections & Counters
    • Increase your Online Footprint
    • Maximise your SEO & SEM
    • Manage & Maximise Events
    • Improve Sales Processes
    • Set-up Content Calendars
    • Begin a Company Manual (PDF)
    • Expanding Location for All Key Data

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